On Being an interpreter/mommy

I keep thinking that I should make a blog post once in while. I thought that might happen when the little man was in the bathtub. I just sit in the hallway and watch him play, why not multitask? But then the water gets all cold and I just run out of time.

I totally wanted to write something about being a working mom. And not just any working mom… but an INTERPRETER mommy.

In my life right now, I am either “working” or I am “mommying.” I get so behind in correspondences and emails and invoices and, and, and… I hardly know where to begin.
It’s not that I don’t think that these administrative things aren’t important… but my invoices don’t stink, like a pile of pukey bedding sitting in the laundry room… And, as such, they just don’t take priority.

My partner, Charlie, is always saying, “Why don’t you check your email and respond while you’re at work?” This is spoken by a person who truly does not know what an interpreter does.
Even if I COULD just pick my nose and check my emails during work in the “off chair” – I HAVE A FREAKING FLIP PHONE!! (So, um, access to the interweb machine is an issue, as well.)

Plus, it’s not like I really CARE that I get behind. Not anymore. I’m a good mommy. And that is what counts. Sometimes, I do feel looked down on by people who are single and childless – and I remember doing the same thing to my child labored friends, when I was single and childless.

“Having a kid can’t change life that much,” I’d say…
Oh, how wrong I was!!!


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