Being thankful

Today, I am thankful that I have a job.

I thank God, even though I get up by the alarm or the baby crying, kicking and wimpering. I have a job to go to. I have somewhere (even though it takes an hour to get there in rush hour traffic) to be that doesn’t suck. I don’t have a nagging boss or craptastic coworkers. I actually like my job. And I am thankful to have it.

These are things that I need to remember when invoices come in later than expected, and I am hurting for money that I have earned, but can’t get my hands on.

I am thankful to have money out there in the stratosphere making its way to my bank account.

Keep calm and hug a baby.


One thought on “Being thankful

  1. We should all remember that! And that people love us,even though we may not acknowledge it.

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