My Secret Baby


June 10, 2011 was the date of my gastric bypass surgery.  I lost nearly 100 pounds in the following 3 months. And then I got pregnant.
My first phone call was to my gastric bypass surgeon. In talking with the physician’s assistant there, she said that she had never experienced a woman getting pregnant so soon after surgery and keeping the baby. It was a shock to learn that I was pregnant, and an even bigger shock to learn that I may be un-pregnant very soon.
My paramour, Charlie, and I kept the baby a secret through the first trimester, since it was a high risk pregnancy. We made a general announcement around Christmas (2011) to our family and very close friends.
Since I had been a big girl before the surgery, people who saw me once I started to show just thought that it was my normal big belly under my clothes.  Which seems absurd to me, since my arms and legs became much smaller, as my belly became much bigger. 
I looked like a big, bulbous spider.
Regardless, my pregnancy was splendidly healthy and absolutely “normal.”  Grayson Alexander Kannair was born at 2:46am on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. And, to paraphrase a ridiculous song, “before he came into my life, I missed him so bad.” 
(I call him “baby.”)
Alas, I am introducing my secret baby to the world.  And for those of you out there that did not get a birth announcement, it’s probably simply because I don’t have your address – because I sent out nearly 300 of them!
P.S. send me your address if you expect a Christmas card!

Being thankful

Today, I am thankful that I have a job.

I thank God, even though I get up by the alarm or the baby crying, kicking and wimpering. I have a job to go to. I have somewhere (even though it takes an hour to get there in rush hour traffic) to be that doesn’t suck. I don’t have a nagging boss or craptastic coworkers. I actually like my job. And I am thankful to have it.

These are things that I need to remember when invoices come in later than expected, and I am hurting for money that I have earned, but can’t get my hands on.

I am thankful to have money out there in the stratosphere making its way to my bank account.

Keep calm and hug a baby.